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Publishing Packages for Authors

Select the package that suits the needs of your book and the needs of your budget.

The Safety of Tradition Vs. the Flexibility and Control of Self-publishing.

Although we are a traditional publishing house, we recognize the trend of authors who wish to publish their own work and thereby maintain complete control of the entire process. We offer both the security and safety of tradition and the flexibility of self publishing. Browse the various publishing options below to determine what your book needs.

Proofreading and formatting of the manuscript is not included in package 2, 4, or 5 below. If you choose one of these packages, the responsibility for proofreading and formatting to the Secret Cove Press specifications is up to the individual author. Books not conforming to these specifications will not be accepted. Formatting and proofreading services are offered as separate items or in one of the other packages. Click here for proofreading rates and services.

Publishing Package #1: No Charge—All Included

As a traditional publishing house, only books selected by Secret Cove Press are eligible for this all-inclusive publishing package. If we determine that your book is of a high quality and has great marketing potential, then we will cover all publishing costs. We publish a wide variety of books in all fields and if we feel that your book has the “standalone” quality of all great books, then we will be willing to take the risk that you would normally have to shoulder.

This package includes all items in the following packages and more depending on the target market, the type of book, and the eventual sales figures. In return, Secret Cove Press will receive a percentage, determined on a case by case basis, for each book sale for the first 1,000 books sold. After that first 1,000 books sold, you will receive an increasingly greater percentage on every book sold up to a maximum. Details will be discussed on a case by case basis.

To submit your manuscript click here.

Manuscripts submitted through the Secret Cove Web site are completely protected by the most up to date security. All manuscripts remain the sole property of the author and Secret Cove Press does not acquire any rights to manuscripts submitted until an agreement is reached through negotiations at a later date if necessary. Submission of a manuscript is solely for the purpose of providing the author with an assessment, advice, and our opinion of the marketing potential for the manuscript in question.

Package #2: Self-publishing Package

There is no up front cost for this package. If you already have a properly formatted, proofread, and literarily sound book as determined by Secret Cove Press, (see the Secret Cove Press specifications) then you will not have to pay a cent up front. The cost of publishing will be the responsibility of Secret Cove Press and will be recovered through a fixed percentage of each book sale.

This self-publishing package includes the following:
  • ISBN number
  • Your selection of book cover design and text from our online catalogue of designs.
  • Your selection of font for titles, chapters, and body text from our online library of fonts
  • Printing of book and book cover
  • Collection and distribution of proceeds of the sale of your book—author first, printer second, Secret Cove Press third.
  • Promotion of your book through various channels including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Secret Cove Press Web site
      • Catalogue entry
        • Thumbnail image of book cover as part of the catalogue entry
        • Intriguing short description of book
        • Link to purchase book
        • Link to author biography page
      • Full Web page
        • Full picture of book cover
        • Long description of book
        • Link to Author biography page
        • Link to purchase book
    • Depending on the marketability of your book, other promotional items geared toward the sale of your book may be included in this package such as, but not limited to, email promotion, newsletters, contact and display of your book with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, and other book stores, book promotional tours, book signings, media coverage, posters, banners etc.

Package #3: Proofing package

This package includes all items in Package #1 plus a complete proofreading and formatting to Secret Cove Press specifications. The cost of proofreading will be assessed on an individual basis. Click here for proofreading rates and services.

Package #3a: Proofing-Formatting Only

In addition, we can do a complete proofread of your manuscript if that is all you require. Click here for proofreading rates and services.

Package #4: Design package

This package includes all items in Package #1 plus customized design of your book cover and text. There will be charges for the custom design work included in this package. Click here for graphic design examples, rates, and services.

There are three options for design work.

    1. For Your Book Cover
      Customized graphic designs created by our professional graphic designers. Consultation with the designer is the first step to achieve the look and feel you want. You will then receive a choice of three designs with the option of a minor touch up.
    2. For Your Book
      The choice of fonts is unlimited for the body text and for chapter headings. Special designs can be arranged to your specifications.
    3. For Both Cover and Book
      Includes both #1 & #2 above.

Package #4a: Design Only

We can also offer you custom designed book covers as a separate item. Click here for graphic design examples, rates, and services.

Package #5: Advertising Package

This package can be added to any of the packages above as an expanded advertising and promotional component.

  1. Web site promotion
  2. Email promotion
  3. Contact with potential booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters etc.)
  4. Email feedback directly to author
  5. Provide book review online
  6. Advertising in newspapers, magazines, and other print media.

  7. Newsletters
  8. Book promotional tours
  9. Book signings
  10. Media coverage
  11. Posters
  12. Banners and more...